Prayer for My Workplace
Monday, January 25, 2010 at 06:00AM
Diane L. Harris in Prayer, intercessory prayer, job, worship

I claim this place for God. Though I am aware my workplace is not a house of worship, still I rejoice that I work in a place where God is worshipped in the hearts and out of the mouths of those who love Him dearly.

I claim the blessing of the Blood of Jesus on the people in this place and I am looking for lives to be changed as the good news is shared and souls are surrendered to Him.

Thank You, Lord, for my job, for my coworkers, and for the people with whom we do business. I pray for peace in their homes and hearts, and safe travels and arrivals when they are not here.

Help me, Lord, to keep in mind that my highest priority is to remind those in my path that Your love is unconditional, and Your salvation is free to the undeserving simply for accepting the gift and acknowledging the Giver. Grant me the courage to put that amazing message first in my life.

Help me, Lord, to remember that everything I do as a Christian reflects on Your message of salvation--not only what I do in church, but moreso the way I behave at home, in the marketplace, and at work.

Thank you, Lord, for the unspeakable joy available to all who serve you, even during times of suffering. I claim that precious connection to You for all who are connected with this workplace, because I know that is Your desire, Heavenly Father.

May Your name continue to be lifted up from this place, and may every seed planted in Your name bear sweet fruit. Amen.

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