This Year, D.A.R.E.
Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 06:06PM
Diane L. Harris in excellence, holidays, new beginnings, repentance

I don't trust New Year's resolutions; January 1st is just another day. However, every once in a while, each of us needs to take stock to recognize whether we're sleepwalking or making a conscious effort to get and give some meaning from and to life. We need to D.A.R.E. once in a while, whether we begin on January 1st or November 30th. But, one thing we should not do is to put it off. This year, D.A.R.E.

DO something different--pursue a new interest or an old dream, and don't stop until you know exactly how far you can go with it. I don't how I'll pay for grad school beginning in the fall semester of 2011, but recently I made a commitment to myself to start on a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science by then. Scary!

ACT in agreement with who your spirit knows God created you to be. stop pretending you're okay with who you seem to be, just because you seem to be successful at it. (This step should lead to the one above.)

REPENT; don't regret. We've all made mistakes. Beating yourself up over either your mistakes or your willing misbehavior will neither change your history nor your henceforth. Repent! (Make a 180 degree turn and move in the opposite direction.)

EXCEL and seek excellence. Again, don't beat yourself up for not being the best at everything--choose one thing to learn, master, and share; also seek out others who choose excellence as well.

This year, D.A.R.E. And have a happy new outlook. Whatever day you begin.

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